Jansevak Service

  • Increasing overall election participation
  • Increasing election awareness
  • Marking online presence of your party& Yourself
  • Explore more no. of targeted voters.
  • Get Genuine Followers, Likes to Fan page
  • Get to Know Public Issues & Problems
  • Host Events Online
  • Showcase Your work, Vision & Mission to Public

Spotlight Service

We provide a wide range of socila media and internet buzz, that exactly what your profile needs.

With affordable plans and comfortable PR teams, you are good to go with our exciting new buzzing service.

Focused on making you, YOU!

Genix Service

AI – Artificial Intelligence is what drives the future and we are 101% equipped with the right expertise and technology you make your Business/Brand the top priority for your customers.

ML – Machine Learning is the new brain of technology and we are very much excited to launch our first service powered by ML. Be the part of this awesome journey with us.

VR – Virtual Reality is the new thing a rocking buzz for modern advertisement and public displays. Lets step into 21st century’s cutting edge tech with your business.

Jarvis Service

We make IoT product development simple. Our end-to-end IoT product development involves Hardware & Software Rapid Design, Development & Deployment for next-generation enterprise Internet of things (IoT) applications & business processes.

Techvivid Service

Making a mark upon this world is no longer a question mark or and hurdel. TECHVIVID is here to make your talent shine in every possible way.

Providing students with right and latest knowledge their generation deserves to learn.


Pentagram Service

Grow your business with us from strategy to implementation we focus on putting your brand on global map. Lets grow together.
Discover the sixth element like any business can have idea,team,planning,investment and execution but what it takes to scale your business to major league come lets work together to make an impact to the b world.Grow your business with us from strategy to implementation, we focus on putting your brand on global map. lets grow together.

Lyfsta Service

Lyfsta aims to bring you the best and suitable range of clothing’s, garments and every small need of yours to make yourself look and feel better.

Exciting offers and right from the manufacturing to your doorstep makes its fast and cost effective approach.

Coming Soon!